Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Bruges (or Brugge) was next on our European Adventure!

Bruges is a really cute Medieval town - but apparently all the Medieval architecture I saw wasn't even original! Lame.

Bruge was nice, but there wasn't really much to it.
There were lots of chocolate shops and lace stores, but that's about it.
Oh, and about a bajillion tourists - primarily in big groups of senior citizens.

I did eat lots of chocolate in Bruges, which was fun.
But in all honesty, the chocolate was overrated.
Fancy chocolates in Beligum taste just like fancy chocolates back home...

We also went on a Quest for the Best Fries because fries originate from Belgium and I was so looking forward to eating AMAZING fries since the original is always better.
But sadly, our Quest was unsuccessful, only mediocre fries were to be found :(
Bruges, you let me down.

Aside from eat fries, chocolate, and waffles...

We went on a really cool tour of De Halve Maan brewery.
It's a super old family-run brewery, and the only brewery left in Central Bruges, or something like that.
Part of the tour included going to their rooftop deck, which had a great view of the city.

And then we went to a cathedral and saw a Michelangelo sculpture.

And to the Begijnhofs, a special type of religious community.

You have to be really quiet in the Begijnhofs and not step on razor sharp grass

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