Friday, August 17, 2012

Definitely Raining

Ok, so this is likely the World's laziest blog post of ALL time.
But, my sister introduced me to a hilarious blog - Definitely Raining - that had to be shared.
Here are my favourite posts (you may need to be from Vancouver to find these funny...):

When I realized every person working at Whistler was Australian
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How I imagine people spend their weekends in PoCo

When I'm asked to do the Grouse Grind before work 

 Happy Friday! I'm off to party in my Snuggie now!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My First Gig!

I just successfully completed my very first legit, paid gig!
I was enlisted to make a birthday cake for my co-worker's son - a dinosaur-loving 5 year old.
Which led to the creation of this...

The "beach" bit was made of crushed graham crackers, rock-shaped chocolates, and root beer hard candies.
I was going to do coloured coconut for the grass, but my client (!!!) didn't want coconut, so it's just coloured butter cream.

I also made dinosaur sugar cookies for the loot bags, which included a cookie, dinosaur eggs (jelly beans), and a dinosaur gummy.

I think I should just forgot school and open a bakery.
Dinosaur-themed cake, anyone?