Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chocolate Monster

Seeing as it's exam time, I have a pretty good excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate. And, seeing as I'm in the UK and they have crazy chocolate bars that we don't have back home, I think I have two very good justifications for holding a little Chocolate Taste Test and release my inner CHOCOLATE MONSTER!!!

This is what I've tried so far since arriving in January:

Double Decker
A layer of rice krispies cereal topped by a layer of nougat, then covered in chocolate.
Rating: SO good

Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar
The name says it all.
Rating: SO good

Caramel/nougat filling with a few pieces of biscuit, then covered in chocolate.
(I couldn't really figure it out - caramel flavoured nougat? Nougat flavoured caramel?)
It's basically the lovechild of a Mars Bar and a Twix that grew up to be a giant.
Boost is a BIG chocolate bar.
Rating: SO good

Kit Kat Dark
Like the original, but BETTER.
Rating: SO good.

Just GIANT brown M&Ms.
Rating: Alright

Curly Wurly

A weirdly shaped thin layer of very chewy caramel covered in chocolate.
Rating: Alright

Galaxy Caramel
Just like a Caramilk, but the caramel wasn't as sickly sweet and it's shaped in two long sticks that breaks off into long rectangles instead of squares.
Rating: Alright

A stick of plain chocolate formed by all these weird folded layers, then covered in chocolate to keep it all together.
Rating: Boring

Like an Aero, but with smaller and fewer bubbles, and in one long skinny bar instead of breakable pieces.
Rating: Boring

Just frog-shaped milk chocolate.
Rating: Boring

Just plain old milk chocolate buttons, but in cute packaging with the chocolate buttons as the cartoon animals' eyes.
Rating: Boring

A little stick of overly sweet fudge.
Rating: Yucky

(Warning, a rant is about to take place)
I've been DYING to try a Yorkie to spite its sassy packaging that says "It's Not For Girls" and has  little girl cartoon with a cute purse in a crossed-out red circle.
So today I finally bought one. I was so excited to try it, I opened it on the walk home.
I was SO disappointed.
Beneath that cheeky wrapper was nothing other than plain milk chocolate.
That was it!!!
I haven't been this disappointed since I was like 6 and I opened a Christmas present thinking it was going to be the Pound Puppies I was longing for, but instead it was a box of underwear :(
The only remotely different thing about it was that the squares were HUGE.
But that wasn't even a good thing because they were so big I had trouble eating my chocolate.

Ok, I'm done ranting now.
Basically, don't buy Yorkies.
They're a let down.
Rating: SO disappointed

And, the chocolate bars I have yet to try:
  • Toffee Crisp
  • Starbar
  • Big Race
  • Picnic
  • Lion
  • Topic
  • Drifter
  • Time Out
  • Munchies

...looks like I'll have to go on a Chocolate Detox when I get home...

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