Sunday, July 22, 2012

Italy Flashback

Yesterday I got crafty in the kitchen and made pizza!
I tried out this Bon Appetit no-knead pizza dough recipe for the first time and aside from a pizza pan mishap (more on that in a second), it was a success!
I'm not very experienced with yeasted doughs, so I have a feeling I likely messed up, but I'd say that it was a pretty good first attempt.

I got special "00" flour for my pizza-making endeavours, which is supposed to produce a nicer crust (and it's what they legit use in Italy) - I'm not really sure why though, perhaps the gluten content?

So although the dough recipe doesn't require any kneading (win!), it does require some serious planning...
The dough has to rise for 18 hours (!!!).
In other words, this dough is not ideal for when you have a mad pizza craving that has to be fulfilled immediately.

After rising for 18 hours, prepped to rest for one final hour

So! After 19 hours of rising and a mere 10 minutes in the oven, this is what I got to enjoy...

Salami with mozzarella

Pesto with kale, tuna & mozzarella

Needless to say, it was a delicious flashback to my time in Italy.
Particularly the second pizza - not all pizza has to have cheese and tomato sauce, at least not in Italy!

So the pizza pan mishap...
Notice how my pizzas are rectangular?
That's because the round pizza pan (it is specifically designed for pizza with the holes and everything) was out to sabotage me: the pizza got stuck and could not come off!
I swear the pan must have been made of the least non-stick material ever.
Aside from getting a little discouraged with my pizza-making skills, I was more upset about the lost pizza that was unable to be consumed - what a waste of fresh bocconcini and Sicilian salami!
Damn you, pizza pan!

Anyway, I'm definitely going to use this recipe again - but NO round pizza pan, thank you very much!