Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Otley Run

Yesterday, I experienced by first Otley Run.
The Otley Run is a pretty famous event in Leeds.
It even has its own Wikipedia page.
It's a pub crawl with 18 pubs.
The crawl starts in Headingley, a nearby town, and ends in the City Centre. 

My residence was doing the Otley Run and the theme was Pub Snooker.
This meant that...

1. You had to dress up.
Boys as snooker players, bow tie and waistcoat, and girls as snooker balls, a uni-coloured outfit.
I went as the black ball - original, I know.

2. There were different points for different drinks depending on which pub you were at.
For example, at a "coloured" pub, you could choose from a long list of "coloured" drinks, but to get the most points you would choose a Guinness, Scrumpy or Brown Ale for 7 points.
I didn't score very high at any of the "coloured" pubs...

3. For extra points, you could do silly tasks.

Like, tie yourself to your partner...

Or, take a picture with a stranger...

These girls were part of a big flock of sheep, their costumes were quite something!
We also saw old school rugby players with afro wigs, babies, cowboys and cows, and a guy in a suit with a deer mask (I have no idea what that was about).

I didn't complete the Otley Run, I left after the thirteenth pub.
(No, I didn't have a drink at every pub - too expensive and too mean to my poor liver).
But Marko may or may not have been the winner - the Umpire (the dapper fellow in the full suit) has yet to make his decision.


  1. haha go Marko! Sounds like my kind of fun Steph! Disappointed you didn't finish :( but not really. At least you didn't go home after the first pub (Nick)


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