Friday, February 4, 2011

Silent Disco Geeks

Last night, Marko, Yannish and I - Paul was going to come too, but he got sick :( - went to a Silent Disco at the Union.
I'd never been to a Silent Disco before, it was SO cool!

In case you don't know what a Silent Disco is...
You're given a pair of headphones that have controls for volume, Station A or Station B. And there are two DJs, so you can choose which DJ you want to listen to - A or B.

Why was the Silent Disco so cool?
1. You had a choice of what song you wanted to listen to.
2. You could (sort of) have a conversation with someone else.
3. It was cool to look around and see people clearly dancing to two very different types of music even though they were in the same room.
4. When you took off your headphones you could hear everyone singing (or in some cases screaming) along to the music, but without the actual music.
5. They played "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from the Lion King.
6. The theme was Geek, look at us all dressed up!


Oh, and to explain our matching glasses, they were giving them out at the door.
So the three of us were matching...with hundreds of other people.

And just because this was by far the best photo of the whole night:

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  1. The UK sure knows how to party. I'm stuck here with my boring one DJ, no cool headphones or matching glasses. Poo.