Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Craft Fair and Cath Kidston!

On Sunday I went to a craft fair at the Corn Exchange!
I love craft fairs and I love historic buildings, so it was like a match made in Stephanie Heaven.

This the interior of the Corn Exchange:

It's a really cool building with a big, domed ceiling that lets in tons of light and makes it feel like you're outdoors.

I think the building was once used for literally exchanging corn, which is neat.
But, I don't really understand why that would require three levels and a bajillion cute, arched, double doorways. Maybe there were a LOT of people buying and selling corn?

The craft fair was a bit smaller than I had hoped, but I still really enjoyed myself. I picked up two pairs of earrings made by a local artist.

(Jammy Dodgers are a type of cookie here. They're like the cuter version of Fruit Creams because the cut-out is in the shape of a heart instead of a boring circle).

And my weekend got even craftier was when I came across two super cute stationery shops while in the City Centre - Paperchase and Scribbler .
Paperchase had about a million things I wanted to buy, especially if it was from the teapot or the cupcake collection.
And Scribbler had these beautiful lasercut cards by Rob Ryan.

And last, the highlight of my weekend...
 My Cath Kidston bag!!!

It's going to be my new schoolbag because girls here don't carry backpacks and because it's beautiful and I love it.

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  1. That sounds like heaven to me too! And I really like your new school bag :)