Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Adventure!

Yesterday, Paul and I went on an adventure to the Leeds City Market and the Kirkgate Market.
We started at the Kirkgate Market, which has an outdoor section with lots of fruit and veggie stands, as well as various stalls selling all sorts of knick-knacks.
I got apples, bananas and clementines - yum!

Then, we ventured inside and found more little shops. 
Look at this little egg shop!

Then, we came across something amazing...
Jamie's Ministry of Food!

Yes! Jamie Oliver has a Ministry of Food in Leeds!
When we walked past there was a class taking place, but I felt nosy peeking through the window, so we didn't stick around long. Unfortunately Jamie wasn't actually teaching the class...but still!
(The Markets have little cafes and restaurants in them, so I'm thinking that the space was once a little cafe, unless they specifically designed it to look like an old school diner).

After the Markets, Paul and I walked back to his residence, which is in an area called Clarence Docks and is by the River Aire.
The neighbourhood is full of old buildings that have been converted into modern apartments and fancy restaurants, and there are cobblestone roads and all that sort of thing. I quite like it.
It's a nice walk along the river, although the lack of barriers between the pathway and the water is a little unsettling.

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  1. What is this Ministry of Food you speak of? Google time!