Monday, April 16, 2012

My Love Affair with the Mailman

I love the Mailman.
He brings me postcards from across the World, handmade cards, letters on beautiful stationery, boxes of the best candy ever (Haribo Sour Strawbs), and birthday surprises.

The BEST birthday parcel EVER!

Birthday goodies from my lovely sister!

He also lets me send postcards, letters, and parcels to friends and family that are further away than I would like.
I think I like sending real letters because people only expect bills and junk mail in their mailbox, which means a proper, handwritten letter comes as a pleasant surprise.
And although Canada Post is sometimes a little unreliable (a handful of letters have gone undelivered and I'm still waiting on a birthday card or two), how can you not love something that enables you to wholeheartedly tell the ones you love that you care about them?

Enviro-chic envelopes made from old magazines

A little while ago I received a letter from a friend with this incredibly fitting quotation:

"the human art, which owes its origins

 in the love of friends"

- Virginia Woolf on letter writing

So take out your writing pad, grab an envelope, and pick up a stamp, and let a friend know that you're thinking about them.

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