Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Reasons Why Today Was Great

1. It was a gorgeous day.
2. I had a fairly productive day at work, which was extra good given the fact that I was feeling pretty overwhelmed on Monday and Tuesday.
3. I ventured to Tim Horton's during my lunch break and tried a jalapeno asiago mozzerella bagel - delicious.
4. I received a super cute thank you card :)
5. I went to Make It!, a super awesome craft fair full of beautiful handiwork, great live music, and delicious treats. I picked up a Mother's Day gift for my Ma, as well as a few things for myself.

My favourite purchase, hands down, was the envelope necklace.
And you know what's even better than an envelope necklace?
An envelope necklace with a surprise inside!

C'est la vie

I also picked up these treats for the famjam.

New goal: Learn how to make French macarons

6. I hung out by the Vancouver Sun building and enjoyed the view, tea, and awesome company.
7. I made a new friend.
8. I brought a smile to a far away friend when she checked her mailbox.
9. I had a glimpse into the life of a film production student. It seems like it involves numerous all-nighters, basically living at school (they have their own fridge and someone brought in a panini press), and spending copious amounts of time in a dark room in front of a computer screen.
10. It's FRIDAY!

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