Saturday, May 21, 2011

Steph the Groupie

On Thursday a bunch of went to see Bedouin Soundclash!!!
The concert was AMAZING!
We were RIGHT at the front and I felt like such a groupie, oogling at Jay the whole night.

Aaand, the best part of the night?
I got to meet the band!!!

(It was technically my second time meeting them, but that was a couple of years ago and they didn't remember me (I'm not surprised), so it was like meeting them all over again!)

Paul and I went really early - like 15 minutes before the doors opened (which isn't really that early, but just seemed early because there was no one else there). 
We were loitering around trying to decide which door to wait at when I spotted them walking down the street...
"Paul! Oh my god! That's them!! That's them right there!!"
"Go talk to them!"
"What?! Now?! But..."
And then he pushed me and I awkwardly ran after them going "Hey! Hey!"
They turned around and I talked to them for a little about how they played at Crofton and how I'm from Vancouver but in Leeds on an exchange and other chitchat.
Paul stayed back while I ran up to them, but then came over and talked to them too.
They were SO cool and super nice.

I was so proud of myself for running after them!
And for going early - see, being crazy about punctuality does pay off!

Anyway, the concert was SO good.
They were really great live, it was such a fun night :)

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