Saturday, March 5, 2011

Art, Tea & Lots of Books

Paul and I went on another adventure to the City Centre today!

Victoria Quarter

We went to the Leeds Art Gallery because we felt like being cultured, and because it was free.
To be honest, the highlight of our trip to the Art Gallery wasn't the art, it was having tea in the Tiled Hall, which is part of the museum.
As the name suggests, the hall is fully tiled - even the ceiling!

Tea Time with Paul!

Then, after our tea party, we ventured to the Leeds Central Library!
Luckily, we didn't have to go very far since it's connected to the Art Gallery.
I plan on getting a library card soon so I can read something other than textbooks or the Leeds Student Newspaper...

We then walked around the City Centre, and look at what we stumbled upon!

Jamie's Italian!
I think it's a sign.
I've got to go to Jamie's for my birthday.

While walking around, we were stopped by a gentleman giving out books for World Book Night.
The purpose of World Book Night is to give away one million books throughout the UK and Ireland. The books are meant to be given away (as opposed to sold), read, and then passed on to someone else.
Each recipient of a World Book Night book is supposed to register their book online so that the giver can track the book and follow its journey from reader to reader.
There are 25 titles selected and specially printed each year for the event.
I received "The Cloud Atlas", which I haven't started it yet due to excessive school work, but hopefully I will soon.

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  1. you should bring it back here and give it to someone in Canada and then it could travel super far!