Sunday, September 19, 2010

REAL letters

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite stores in Vancouver - The Regional Assembly of Text.
They have the most amazing selection of cards, postcards, stationery, notebooks, and other paper goods. 
Just look at all the lovely stuff they have!

They also have this fantastic letter writing club that's FREE! 
On the first Thursday evening of every month, they provide all the necessities to write a REAL letter. There's paper, pens, envelopes, stamps (the printing kind, not the postage kind), refreshments (because writing real letters can be tiring) and...


I'd never used a typewriter before attending the lettering club and OH my goodness. Who would have thought that writing a sentence would take 10 minutes and give my fingers a work out? I'd never appreciated the full value of the backspace key until using a typewriter. Or how lightly you have to press down in order for words to appear. Or how you don't have to do anything when you run out of space on the page. Technology is just great sometimes.

I love writing letters. 
Maybe it's because I know the recipient will appreciate my archaic efforts. 
Maybe it's because I love getting real mail and I want to pass along the excitement of opening up a letter.
Maybe it's because I wish I lived in the 1950's and this is one way in which I fulfill that fantasy.

Anyway, enough of this high tech blogging business. I'm going to go write a good old fashioned letter with the wonderful stuff I got yesterday. 


  1. The most relevant course I took was typing in 1978. I wanted to take woodworking and the only way my mum would allow it would be if I took typing too. My mum is the most practical person I know - she also insisted that the girls in our family maintained our own bank accounts - ALWAYS!