Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lake District

A couple of weeks ago Paul and I went on a day trip to the Lake District.
We didn't have the greatest weather, plus the Lake District is known to be very temperamental, but it was still a good day.

First we went to Keswick.
I have never seen so many sports stores in one little town.
Or dogs.
I have seen very few animals while in Leeds and while in Keswick I saw about a million dogs and a bajillion sheep.

We didn't do much in Keswick, just walked around the lake and through some forest, had lunch, and avoided some torrential rain.

A fallen tree :(

Bowness on Windermere was basically the same as Keswick.
Except Windermere is a much larger lake and Bowness is a much smaller town.
There were also a lot more tourists and a lot fewer outdoorsy people with their gortex outfits, hiking boots, and dogs.

We went for tea at a little cafe, which was really nice, especially since it was pouring rain.
I had a raisin scone with jam and whipped cream (mmm...whipped cream) and Paul had a chocolate muffin.

Oh, and I saw Canadian Geese! 
They followed me all the way to England!
And, I saw ENORMOUS swans.
They were slightly terrifying.

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