Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spain - Seville

I recently got back from a week long trip to Spain.
I was visiting a friend from back home who's studying flamenco in Granada.
We met up in Seville and spent two nights with her friend, who was a wonderful host and excellent tour guide, before moving on to Granada.
It was my first time in Spain, and I loved it!

The architecture in Seville is really beautiful and the houses are so cute and colourful.
The streets were lined with blossoming Seville orange trees, which were not only pretty, but also smelled amazing.
I had my first taste of tapas, which were delicious! And, a Spanish-style Menu del Dia, which was really good, but sooo filling - 3 courses is too much for lunch, no wonder things close down between 2:00 and 5:00.
I also saw a flamenco show. It was just a singer and a guitarist (flamenco doesn't always have to have a dancer), and was really good. Flamenco guitar is really impressive!

Here are some of my pictures from Seville:

On the way to the Cathedral

The Cathedral and the Giralda

Outside the Cathedral

Hotel Alfonso XIII

A biiig church

A recycling container - yay recycling!

Plaza de Espana, which was
built for Iberian-American Exposition '92

Each province in Spain depicted in tile
(at Plaza de Espana)

The Archeological Museum of Sevilla


A cobbly, colourful street

LOTS of books

Flamenco outfits

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