Friday, April 1, 2011

Jamie's Italian

To continue with the birthday festivities, Paul and I went for dinner at Jamie's Italian last night!
I tried to take photos of my food (how Asian of me, I know), but they didn't turn out that well - sorry!

The restaurant is in a beautiful old building that was once a bank.
While waiting to be seated, I got to watch the chefs work their magic through the open kitchen located next to the bar. It was like watching live Food Network with the boss (not Jamie, unfortunately) shouting orders at the cooks and inspecting the food before letting it go out to the tables.
I also got really hungry while waiting, and even more indecisive about what I wanted to order.

We got a cozy booth in a corner of the restaurant, which was really nice.

So, the food!
The food was super good. Suuuper good.
We had...

Crispy Squid with Garlicky Mayo
Prawn Linguine
Turbo Fusilli Arrabiata 

We also had Tiramisu and a slice of Baked Walnut Tart for dessert, but those photos really didn't turned out well, so you'll just have to imagine what they looked like.

I definitely want to go back to Jamie's.
Maybe for some Bucatini Carbonara or Monachelle Puttanesca or Wild Truffle Tagliatelle...or all three...

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