Monday, March 28, 2011


Last weekend, Paul and I went to Edinburgh on a trip put on by the student's union. I really liked Edinburgh and I had a really great time!
We went on a walking tour around the city, which was really good because I got to learn about what I was actually seeing and visit places I probably would have missed. We also went on a ghost tour - I had no idea Edinburgh had such gory history.

It was my first time in Scotland, so I did all the typical toursity things (aside from try haggis, I just couldn't bring myself to do it). Here's some touristy photo evidence:

We stayed at Budget Backpackers - my first hostel ever!
Guess which one is my bed?
The colourful, cobble-stoned streets of Edinburgh!
The Elephant House
This is where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter!!!
Scottish Tenements
(taken while on the ghost tour)
Edinburgh Castle
A wall that was built to keep the English out of Scotland
This area of the graveyard was once a prison and
has been padlocked because it's supposedly haunted
I don't know what this is...
The NHL is in Scotland!
The New Town
The Old Town
"The Shame of Edinburgh" - their half built monument :(
The Royal Palace
Apparently the Queen stays here when she visits Scotland!
Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano
  (it's the middle pointy bit)

Paul and I got up REALLY early on Sunday morning to climb Arthur's Seat.
It was really, really beautiful and definitely worth the early morning.
We unofficially pronounced ourselves as the first people to climb Arthur's Seat that day :)

And so it begins...
The view from about 100 meters into the walk
The sun is coming!
Still not at the top...
The top!!!
(The photo doesn't quite capture the beautiful view - sorry...)

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  1. as soon as i looked at the hostel bed photo i was like "i bet that neat on is steph's" i laughed when i then read the caption