Monday, February 28, 2011

Lovely Day + Adventure + Market + Crafting = Wonderful Weekend

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so Paul and I went on an adventure!

We went to City Hall...

Paul being artsy
Leeds Town Hall
The Old Post Office

And the market... 

Leeds Kirkgate Market
Yay! Spring is on its way!
LOTS of olives
Om nom nom nom nom

And I got some flowers...
(And fruit, but that's a little less exciting)

Then, on Sunday, I got crafty and made some decorations for my room!
I've been meaning to do something to jazz up my walls and I've been noticing buntings everywhere, so I decided to make a cheater's bunting with magazine pages and 35p ribbon.

Meticulously setting out the magazine cut-outs
It sort of looks like there's a birthday party going on, but I like it!
It adds some pizazz to my beige walls.
And, I cut out pages from a Cath Kidston catalogue, so it's doubly fun :)

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  1. ummmmmmm is paul wearing a plaid shirt and overalls?!